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What good are 70+ physicians if you have one bad one.  A chain is only as good as the weakest link. Emerald Coast Hospitalist is committed to managing our team of Physicians that care for your patients during their hospital stay at one of our facilities. Our physician will coordinate patient care from the time they arrive until they are safely discharged back to the care of their primary care provider. This involves working closely with specialists, nursing, physical and occupational therapists, case managers and social workers to provide patient-centered, results driven and compassionate care throughout their stay in the hospital. We ensure the primary care Physician receives up-to-date information on patient admissions and discharge care so that follow-up is seamless from our hands to theirs.

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We insist on both.

Our partnership with the hospitals is focused on meeting and exceeding patient and facility goals. We ensure that core measures, patient safety initiatives, efficiency and patient satisfaction are all our teams’ primary focus. You can rest assured we are fully integrated into the hospital system at all levels including medical staff leadership, committee participation, education and training.

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Our Emerald Coast Hospitalist physicians are dedicated to patient care; we follow our patients in the Emergency Department and throughout their stay in the hospital. Your ECH physician will coordinate your care throughout your stay from the time you arrive until you are safely discharged back to the care of your primary care provider.

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